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Barack Obama has just announced that he will be suspending his electoral campaign for two days (Thursday and Friday) in order to go to Hawaii to visit his grand mother, who is very ill.

Obama with his grandparents : his grandmother is Mrs Madelyn Dunham

Today, the MSM has presented this piece of news as another episode of the beautiful fairy-tale they have told from the start about Barack Obama : the man who is likely to become the most powerful person in the world is also a human being, who is capable of sentiments, and who is ready to give up his job immediately to hold the hand of an ailing grandmother.

Well I cannot help crying. This is such a sad,  moving story !

Obama is using his allies, the MSM, once again, to continue his "story-telling". Hearts are broken because of the dying grandmother, and at the same time, Obama sends a message to the voters who are still a little suspicious : you see, I am like you, I have a white grand-mother. It is also a way to remind people who consider race to be an obstacle to his election that in fact, he is not totally Black, he is of mixed origins.
Obama's paternal grandmother : Sarah Obama. She said she was proud of him, and asserted he was born in Kenya, and she was present in the delivery room...

And when I think about the whole story twice, it is strange, I cannot really sympathize with Mr Obama.

First, let me make it clear that I hope his grandmother is not so ill and will recover. I do not know if she is really seriously ill.

But I am a little surprised by Mister Obama's sudden love for a grandmother with whom he only spent half ann hour the last time he went to Hawaii, during his vacation, and whom he visited alone, without his wife, without his daughters. I am sure his grandmother would have been delighted to see her grandchildren, but apparently Barack Obama decided otherwise...

Obama with his daughter in Hawaii, last summer

Moreover, we all know family tragedies in our lives, and more often than we wish. But unfortunately, we have professional obligations which prevent us from being always as present as we''d like, to see our loved ones.

I find it particularly odd to see a candidate running for the presidency of the USA suspend his electoral campaign, less than fifteen days before election day.

I find it all the more strange that a little while ago, John McCain had made the suggestion to suspend both campaigns in order to try to deal with the terrible financial crisis the country is facing.

And, how did Obama react ? He said no.

For him, the interest of his country was less important than his own campaign.

Today, he agrees to suspend it for a personal motive. So his own interests are more important than anything else.

And I cannot help wondering if his personal motivations are really the illness of his grandmother.

Might Obama's rush to Hawaii have anything to do with the question of his birth certificate ?

Might the illness of his grandmother be only a pretext for more urgent, political matters ?

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