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We are still waiting for the tapes of the alleged conversation between Michelle Obama and African Press International to be aired.  The last news place them in the hands of Philip Berg, the lawyer now representing API in the US. Serious negociations between Berg and API on one hand and Fox News, the news cable channel on the other are said to be on.


In the meantime on the Court Front, things are racing.  As of this writing, there are already 8 pending lawsuits requesting Obama to produce an official and certified copy of his Birth Certificate.  The first lawsuit was in the Federal System. The other 7 filled just recently are in the state courts of
Hawaii, Washington, California, Florida, Georgia, New York et Connecticut.









What has been produced is the questionable copy of a short form certifying only the presence of a Birth Certificate in Obama’s Name in the Vital Statistics archives of Hawaii.




For laymen that should suffice.  Except that Hawaii provides for their residents the possibility to registered their children in Hawaii as an afterthought, even though they may have been born elsewhere.



Obama’s Birth Certificate could very well have been filled and maked “Late” and could very well mentioned Mombassa, Kenya, as his Place of Birth.



Sarah Obama, his paternal grandmother lives in Kenya, and has always asserted that Barack was born in Kenya, saying she was present in delivery room ! 

Obama’s Place of Birth is of crucial importance, his mother being under the age required to pass on her American Citizenship, at the time of Obama’s birth. As such, being born outside the American territory would FOR EVER prevent Obama to be a Natural Born American.
And such is constitutionally required of any POTUS.



Obama’s camp has remained absolutly silent on the question.  They even passed on contesting the allegations submitted by Philip Berg, Esq. in the federal case. According to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Obama’s lawyers had up to midnight last Friday to respond to the allegations of, among others, birth in Mombassa and adoption by Leo Soetoro, an Indonesian citizen. Lawyers observing this suit are baffled. Not to respond is a professional mistake any first year Law student learned to avoid..


That can only talk to the truth of such allegations.


Many thinks Obama is betting on victory and then on a quiet vote by the Democrats dominated Congress regulating the situation.



From that point of view, the favorable vote instrumented in the Spring by Pilosi to confirmed John McCain’s  Natural Born American status is better understood.




Indeed, McCain was born on a military base in Panama.  Therefore technically, not on the American territory.  There was a slight question.



You scratch my back….


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