"My grandson was born in Kenya"

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"My grandson was born in Kenya, and I was present in the delivery room".

Either Barack Obama's grandmother is getting senile, or Barack Obama is the greatest political fraud in American history.

While  Madelyn Dunham, Obama's maternal grandmother, is attracting all the media's attention, because he has asked journalists to tell the moving story of an ailing grandmum who is visited by her worried, affectionate grandson, it is Obama's other grandmother, Sarah Obama, who should be making the headlines.

Philip Berg, who filed a lawsuit against Obama in Philadelphia (see previous posts on the subject) has just revealed in an interview available on Michael Savage's website that he is in possession of a tape in which Sarah Obama reveals the truth that everybody has preferred to ignore so far : Barack Obama was born in Monbassa, in Kenya, and she was present in the delivery room.


In this interview, Philip Berg regrets the lack of attention that he has received from the MSM (mainstream media), and when his host Michael Savage asks him why his story is not making the headlines, Berg answers that it is because the media has always let Obama do whatever he wants, without vetting him.
And the main reason why nobody dares speak about this issue of his birth in a foreign country, is because of the racial factor : anybody questioning Obama's origins is immediately called a racist.

Even the McCain camp has kept silent.
According to me, they should immediately release a campaign ad explaining the situation to American voters, before it is too late : time is running out now !

Will Republicans accept to see this election illegally won by a man who does not have the right to become POTUS ?

In the interview, Michael Savage and Philip Berg compares Obama's situation to that of Arnold Schwartzenegger's situation : the governor of California could not run for president, because he is foreign born : he was born in Austria, so he is not eligible (according to the "natural-born" clause of the Constitution).

It is the same for Barack Obama : so why has the Republican Party been deprived of the possibility to select a man who would probably have been their best candidate while the Democratic Party has done everything they have wanted from the beginning, including violating the American Constitution, just because the media has sided with them ? 

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