Money, money, money !

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For two days, the media has been busy trying to create another Palin scandal and to embarrass the Republican campaign.

Journalists were in a state of great excitement yesterday, when they proudly announced this extraordinary piece of news, which is going to change America and the world : Republicans spent 150,000 to remake Sarah Palin !

On the radio, yesterday morning, I even heard a French journalist making fun of the Alaskan governor's physical appearance : during a press review, he was looking at some photos of Sarah Palin before and after her remaking, and he started to joke in a very subtle manner : “It was not worth spending so much ! She looks worse now !”

Sarah Palin in Alaska

Sarah Palin in Ohio last Friday

This is not the first outrageous, insulting, sexist remark I have heard on the French radios.

The media coverage of this campaign has been characterized by a double standard from the start : and now, during the final days of the campaign, this double standard is more striking than ever.

While the media has written tons of articles about the McCain campaign spending 150,000  dollars on clothes, hair-styling and make-up for Sarah Palin, it has not said one word about the lawsuits filed against Obama in several states, and about other scandals in which he is involved, which are far more serious than the purchase of a few skirts and lipsticks (John McCain has said the clothes will be given to charities at the end of the campaign).  

And, above all, speaking about money, nothing has been said about the revolting waste of dollars of the Obama camp, all the more revolting in times of severe economic and financial crisis.


The figures are, indeed, difficult to believe :

more than 600 million dollars raised since the beginning of the campaign, which is totally unprecedented in the history of presidential elections!

It means that Obama has spent more money than Bush and Kerry together in 2004.

Campaign ads are a bit expensive these days, don't you think ?

Moreover, we wonder why Obama is going on spending huge sums while everybody says that this election is over, that he has won already !
What for ?

Is he afraid polls may be wrong ?

Why doesn’t he use the money that he has raised in order to help the poor people who are on the verge of losing their homes ?

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