Propaganda !

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Since the beginning of the week, you can read these headlines in local and national newspapers


Early-voting trends appear to favor Barack Obama

More Democrats Casting Early Ballots, Data Show

Forest Park students vote Obama in landslide

Obama Benefits as Early Voters Show Record Turnout

Democrats have the edge so far in early voting

Early voting a boost for Dems

This morning, I even found the following result :

Poll shows 69% of El Paso voters went for Obama

So we already know how many people voted for Obama in
El Paso before election day !

Is that normal ?

Isn’t there a risk to discourage the people who vote Republican ?

Everywhere in the media they can read that early voting favours Obama, that it looks like a wave, a landslide...

Voters standing in line to vote early in Charlotte, North Carolina, on thursday october 23rd

Once again, the media is acting as an accomplice of the Obama camp : it is spreading a kind of propaganda, which is totally undemocratic : nobody should know the results of an election beforehand.

If the voters read or hear in the media that early voting is strongly in favor of Obama, why would those who want to vote for McCain bother to go to the polls on November 4th ?

The funniest thing about all this is that some Americans had never heard of early voting before !
So what does it consist in, exactly ?

In fact, it is simple.
Early voting is available in 31 states. Voters go to a voting station during certain hours and cast their ballot. The idea is to promote greater participation and to help alleviate heavy voter turnout on Election day.

Some say early voting is more attractive to young voters  than older voters who are accustomed through habit to line up on Election Day. 

So of course, the Obama campaign has done its best to promote this voting method, first in the hope of making young people vote, and secondly, in an effort to create a momentum in favour of their candidate.

And it seems to work !

But unfortunately, the principle of secret ballot is violated, if the results are released before Election Day. And this is another example of the very bad health of the American democracy...

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