Who's the stupid one ?

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In the 2007 French presidential election, Ségolène Royal, the Socialist Party candidate was constantly the target of the media's attacks, who enjoyed portraying her as “Bécassine” (a comic strip character symbolizing naivety and innocence).

Ségolène Royal as Bécassine.

Every day, radios, TV channels and newspapers reported on “Ségolène’s new gaffe”, and they never uttered one single word about all the stupid things that Nicolas Sarkozy said, whereas he was often wrong and made more mistakes than his opponent. But the press spared him and never mentioned any of his blunders, because journalists had decided that HE was to be the winner.

Presidential debate : May 2007. Nicolas Sarkozy was wrong on many subjects. He said a lot of things which were untrue. The figures he gave were false...

Yet, on the following morning, the media asserted he had won the debate, and only spoke about Ségolène's errors and lack of self-control...

And he won...


In the USA, currently, the same phenomenon is happening : the MSM has selected Sarah Palin as its favourite target, and is trying to convince American voters that she is not ready to become vice-president, and that she even will never be because she is visibly too stupid.


The journalists’ favourite pasttime these days is to mock the Alaskan governor as stupid, just like they presented George Bush as dumb in 2004. And Barack Obama, on the contrary, is introduced as an intellectual, like John Kerry. For the media, it is clear that Democrats are the party of intelligent people, and Republicans the party of people with a low I.Q.



Concerning Sarah Palin, I am personally shocked to see the kind of scornful attacks she is the victim of, because journalists, satirists, parodists and cartoonists seem to have forgotten an important fact : Mrs Palin is a governor of an American state, and there are only 50 governors in the USA. You do not become a governor if you are stupid. Think about this : most presidents since 1976 were former governors : Carter ; Reagan ; Clinton ; Bush. So why would Mrs Palin be less qualified than those men ? Simply because she is a woman ?
We’ve heard that kind of things before...

Women are constantly the victims of that kind of sarcasms and mockeries in their everyday lives, in the world of work. They are often not considered seriously, just because they are women. Women are suspect as soon as they are intelligent. And when they are pretty, like Ségolène Royal and Sarah Palin, it is even worse...

No, definitely, no !
A pretty woman CANNOT be intelligent !

If journalists are looking for someone they can make fun of, I would advise them to examine more carefully a few things that their pet has said during this campaign, and they will realise that the most stupid candidate is certainly not Sarah Palin !

Here are a few examples of Mister Obama's great knowledge  :

- Obama does not know how many American states there are : he said there are 57 states ! Even children in elementary schools know this figure.

-Obama asked the United Nations Security Council to condemn Russia during the crisis in Georgia, but he had probably forgotten that Russia is a member of this council, so it can veto power.

-Obama said his uncle in the American military liberated Auschwitz. Auschwitz was in reality liberated by the Russians.

- He spoke about the Great Depression and Franklin Roosevelt who “purchased a whole bunch of homes” as he was referring to today’s bail-out plan. The problem is that FDR never did such a thing.

- Obama is not only very bad at history. He is very bad at geography too : He said Kentucky is closer to Arkansas than his home state of Illinois. Kentucky borders Illinois, but not Arkansas.

- He claimed that 10,000 people died in a Kansas hurricane : in fact, 12 people died.

- He blamed Bush for the rise of Hugo Chavez. Chavez was elected 2 years before Bush

- Obama said Americans have too few interpreters in Afghanistan, because they are all in Iraq. But he does not know that people in Afghanistan do not speak the same language as in Iraq.

And I could add dozens of others like this ! Have a look ! Here are some good ones too :

To conclude, I know some Obamaniacs will tell me : but Obama graduated from Harvard.

My answer will be : are you sure he did ?

For if I am well informed, he has refused to release his college records so far.

And when we hear him speak, we do not have the impression that we are indeed listening to a college graduate.

Have a look, and don’t forget to count the “Uhs” !

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