Racial riots on November 4th ?

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The political website The Hill.com has just revealed that  police forces across America are preparing for possible civil unrest and riots on the night of November the Fourth, after the election.

In fact, it seems that the election of Obama - or his non election - could be a trigger for violence in inner cities, and that the USA could know again a situation comparable to the Los Angeles riots after the beating of Rodney King by four white policemen in the early 90s.

Black ghettos might well uprise as they did in the mid-sixties to express their frustration and rage.

And that could happen either if Obama is elected, because members of the Black minority will probably be willing to demonstrate their joy and will therefore take to the streets in order to celebrate; or if Obama is beaten, they could simply be so angry that they might well decide to protest in a violent manner.

In any case, this is the reality :

Police departments say they cannot rule out disorder and are mobilising extra forces and putting SWAT teams on standby.

In Oakland, near San Francisco, police will have tactical squads, SWAT teams and officers trained in riot control on standby.

"We always try to prepare for the worst," said Oakland police department spokesman Jeff Thomason.

He said Oakland was prepared to deal with unrest as Oakland Raiders fans rioted in 2003 following their Super Bowl loss.

Other cities that have experienced unrest include Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia and are also planning to deploy extra officers on election day.

In Chicago, where Mr Obama will hold a rally on November 4, the police department has been meeting to discuss security plans for the night. Law enforcement departments in Philadelphia and Cincinnati are also making preparations in case of problems.

There have also been internet rumours about plans for protests or civil disobedience by supporters of Democratic candidate Barack Obama if he is beaten by Republican rival John McCain on November 4.

In a blog posting entitled 'A McCain "Win" Will Be Theft, Resistance Is Planned', David Swanson, Washington director of Democrats.com and a board member of Progressive Democrats of America, writes: "If your television declares John McCain the president elect on the evening of November 4th, your television will be lying.

"You should immediately pick up your pre-packed bags and head straight to the White House in Washington, DC, which we will surround and shut down until this attempt at a third illegitimate presidency is reversed.

"We may be there for days or weeks or months. But we must be there. We must be there by the millions. We must show each other, and the nation, and the world that we have had enough, that we will not stand for one more stolen election, that we will not give in to fear, lies, theft, and intimidation."

So, these are some good news, indeed !
Get ready for the worst !

It means that Democrats are so sure they are going to win that they cannot contemplate the possibility of a defeat...And if they lose, they have planned to become violent...

How respectful of democracy "Democrats" are !

But is it so surprising from Obama's supporters ?

The world is already facing a major economic crisis...

Now comes the time of racial riots in America, something we had hoped never to see again. Everybody thought that racial tensions and divisions had disappeared over the last few years.

And now we are told history could repeat itself...

If only the Democratic party had selected the right person for the job...
The USA would not be in such a situation...

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