"Si, se puede" ?

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Hispanics have become the most important minority in America for a few years.
They have now outnumbered the Black minority, representing about 15  %, whereas African Americans stand for only 13 %.

Paradoxically, an African-American, not a Hispanic,  could become president of the USA in one week. So how are the nine million Hispanic voters going to react ?

Today, a new poll just released indicates that a majority of Latinos (two-thirds) now support Obama, whereas only 23 % of them favor John McCain.

It is all the more surprising as during the primaries, Hispanics did not show great enthusiasm towards Obama, as they voted for Hillary in great numbers.

And it is strange too because during the last presidential election in 2004, George Bush managed to win 44 % of the Latino vote. 

Hillary Clinton was in New Mexico last week-end to campaign for several Democratic candidates to Congress, and of course for her former primary rival.

Chants of “Si, se puede! Si, se puede,” (the Spanish translation of "Yes, we can") set the tone as a crowd of around 1,500 gathered to hear Sen. Hillary Clinton in Sunland Park, Saturday.

The senator for New York addressed the crowd in the same terms she has been repeating for weeks now :

That is to say empty words, resoning like those of a robot.

The robot she has become...

“I want a president I can work with for you,” she said. 

“Barack and I may have started on different paths but we are on the same journey now, and that journey is to the White House.”

“I love you,” shouted several people. “I love you all, too,” replied the Senator, who enjoyed a back-and-forth rapport with the crowd.

“Every single vote can be the deciding vote,” stressed Hillary Clinton pleading with the crowd to get the vote out in Dona Ana County. A better world “doesn’t come by wishing. It comes by voting.”

That's a beautiful story, isn't it ?

Brave New World ?
It remains to be seen...

In spite of Hillary's efforts, and what the polls say, I continue to think that the Latino vote remains undecided.

I am sure the racial question remains an obstacle.

Remember that America is a salad-bowl, not a melting-pot.
It means each minority has kept its own traditions and identities, and rivalries between Blacks, Hispanics, Asians are real.

So are Hispanics really looking forward having a Black president ?

Not so sure...

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