"From rags to riches" : HIS American Dream, not theirs !

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So Barack Obama's "Aunt Zeituni" (this is how he refers to her in his memoirs) lives in the USA  illegally.

Four years ago, she made a request for asylum, but an immigration judge rejected this request.

Miss Onyango lives in a public housing scheme in Boston. Photo: PA

Why can't a lawyer and a Senator help his own relative with the paperwork ?

If Barack Obama was really an influent Senator, why did he not help her and tell her the process to follow to become an American citizen ? We may imagine she never asked him, so it shows how she trusts him !

We have also learnt that she has contributed financially to the Obama campaign, though she is poor, and she did  not have the right to, as an illegal immigrant...

Why is the Obama campaign accepting illegal contributions ?
We have already reported here that they have accepted foreign contributions whereas it is forbidden. They said they gave the money back, but in fact they did not (see previous post http://hillary.meilleur.choix.qu-obama.over-blog.com/article-23487902.html)

Why do they never check the origin of their contributions ?
Federal election law prohibits foreigners from making political donations.

 Of course, The Obama campaign has just issued a statement about his aunt :

 "Senator Obama has no knowledge of her status but obviously believes that any and all appropriate laws be followed."

And the AP reports that the Obama campaign "was returning $260 that Onyango had contributed in small increments to Obama's presidential bid over several months."

So, apparently, he does not intend to help her even if he becomes president of the USA !

Obama has never helped his brother either, who lives in a slum.

It is not surprising, is it ?

But, why ?
Haven't they helped him write a best-selling book ?

Why, why does Barack Obama not help his relatives when they are in dire straits while he speaks about them in his autobiography "Memories from my Father" and has sold thousands of copies : he could have given them a part of this money, as they contributed to creating his own beautiful story "from rags to riches" ?

Remember what Obama said : "I don't care how poor you are !" ?

At least, he said the truth : he does not care how poor people are, even when they come from his own family !

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