Jewish voters : Will Hillary help Obama ?

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Jewish voters have been among the most reliable parts of the Democratic electoral coalition.

"For Jews, the 11th commandment is, 'Thou shall vote Democratic,' and that has not changed significantly since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the president of the United States," says Democratic strategist Hank Scheinkopf.

That may be true, but in the past two elections the Republicans have rattled the Democrats' lock on Jewish votes. In 2000, George W. Bush got only 19 percent of the Jewish vote. In 2004, he got 24 percent, and in a tight election little margins like that can make a big difference — especially in battleground states like Florida, where Jews are 5 percent of the electorate and turn out in high numbers.


The most recent large scale population survey, released in the 2006 American Jewish Yearbook population survey estimates place the number of American Jews at 6.4 million, or approximately 2.1% of the total population (source : Wikipedia).

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton not only published an editorial making the case for Obama, her former rival.

She also praised him in Floridian daily newspapers, like the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale.

Here, it was clear that Clinton was addressing Jewish voters, who may question Obama's commitment to the defense of the interests of Israël these days:

"As Americans head to the polls on Nov. 4, we have an important responsibility: to choose a president who will make the changes we need here at home and strengthen America's standing around the world," she wrote.

"I am enthusiastically supporting Sen. Barack Obama, because I know that he will be that president. He shares my commitment to changing our nation's course and addressing the economic crisis taking a toll on the financial markets, small businesses and middle class families. And Sen. Obama shares my view that the next president must say to the world that America's resolve is unyielding: The United States stands with Israel."

As a Senator of New York, Hillary is appreciated by Jewish voters, who favored her during the primaries :

However, I am not sure that Barack Obama is so popular among Jewish voters judging from what happened recently (see previous posts :  and ).

Today, when they arrive in the polling booth, and before they cast their votes, I am sure a lot of Jewish Americans will wonder what Obama was doing at Khalidi's  farewell dinner party, and why the Los Angeles Times has chosen not to release the tape...

Not so sure that this concealment will be in Obama's favour...

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