I just voted

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I just voted.  New Jersey does not have early voting so I came prepared with umbrella, book and a change of shoes. Better safe than sorry.


My chauffeur (just kidding I had dropped my car to the mechanics just before and his shuttle dropped me to the polling station), had lined up at 10 minutes before six this morning to be there when the polls opened.  He had 25 persons ahead of him. I went in at 10 am and had only one person ahead of me.  My ticket was number 254. The other district also voting at the same place, our fire house, seemed busier. The line was 3 to 4 persons long.


For the first time in my life I voted pretty much all republican except at the local level.  I paused and memorized that moment before pushing the final button to cast my vote.  I hope not to have to repeat this in the future.


I voted McCain primarily to block Obama, but also because over all these months of campaign he kind of grew on me. And I like Palin a lot. Boy is this woman smart! And hardworking!


I voted against my Democrat senator because as a superdelegate he endorsed Obama after having gotten a lot of money from him and against the will of his constituency.  And he voted for Obama at the convention. It was payback time.


I voted against the Democrat congressman candidate because the seat now vacated was republican and I cannot imagine an absolute Democrat majority in Congress, especially with Pelosi and Reed leading. That vote was pure politics. Did not feel good. The candidate was a good guy.  Next Time…


That it, I did my duty in more ways than one. I voted. And I voted Country First, Party Second.


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