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Did we really need to elect an utterly inexperienced, far left wing opportunist to prove to the world, America is not racist?


So now you have it. You know we are not racist. We did what none of the European or Mid-eastern Countries ever came close to do. We elected a Black man to lead a predominantly White people.


Remember that when under pressure, he reveals himself to be just another extreme partisan serving the interests of the few, just as Bush has been.


Pumas know all about who the man really is, and who his backers and what their true agenda are.  And it’s not pretty.


Enjoy the party. But beware, there is such a thing as koolaid hangover.


PS: Just a reminder.


CNN and New York Times polls

Bush Approval Rate

2/10-12/01 (just after inauguration)                  53%

10/08/01 (after 9/11)                                       90%

10/18-21/04 (just after reelection)                   51%

10/25-29/08 (right now)                                  22%




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