Sarkozy : "Hillary is nasty"

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"He is my pal" : this is what Nicolas Sarkozy declared about Barack Obama on Friday.
Apparently, he does not think the same about Hillary Clinton. We may even assert he is happy she has lost, because for him, she is a "nasty" woman,like Ségolène Royal.

Today, the French satirical newspaper, Le Canard Enchaîné, reveals that according to Nicolas Sarkozy, it is not surprising that Hillary and Ségolène  lost the elections, because "they are both nasty women".
We do not know the reasons why he said that, as he gives no explanation, but we learn he has changed his mind once again, as in November last year, he was proud to have spoken to Hillary Clinton on the phone, and declared : "As soon as she becomes the official Democratic candidate, she will come to Paris to meet me." He was looking forward to this visit.

A few months after, he pretends not to have believed she could win the nomination : "Eight months ago, I was given a confidential  note by my foreign policy advisers. This note concluded that Hillary would be the winner. I told them they were totally wrong, as I thought she would lose, like Ségolène, because they are both nasty women."

All right, Mr Sarkozy. So this is what you think about Hillary ?

Well, we must admit it's a little surprising to hear YOU say that...
You should know precisely what "nastiness" means ! ! I'm not sure this word suits these two gracious women...
But what I know is that it perfectly suits you ! !

The problem is that for a lot of male politicians like you, when a woman succeeds in politics, and shows strength, determination, and courage, when a woman resists you and refuses to give up, she is seen as wicked, and unfeminine. This is a typical sexist remark.
But please, remember, this is not the nineteenth century ! A woman is not supposed to be "the Angel in the House" nowadays ! Women are now supposed to fight, to lead and to be win battles. Ségolène are Hillary are extraordinary examples fo follow, and contrary to what you think, they should inspire women all over the world. So please, revise your vocabulary !

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