Hillary vs. Sarah in 2012 ?

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According to Dick Morris, who was a former senior adviser to President Bill Clinton,  McCain victory in November  "could well" lead to an historic all-female White House race in 2012 : Sarah Palin against Hillary Clinton.

  "Mrs Palin is poised to attract significant numbers of Hillary Clinton supporters, he suggested.

Bill and Hillary Clinton, he argued, are determined to avenge her defeat in the Democratic primaries by allowing Mr Obama to lose in November.

"They desperately want McCain to win so she can run in 2012.

"But at the same time they can't let the Democrat party base think they're being anything less than aggressive in campaigning for Obama.

"But fortunately for her, the more she campaigns for Obama, the more it becomes clear that she's not on the ticket as vice-presidential candidate, as she should be, and the more that hurts Obama."

It was notable that Mrs Clinton had not taken on Mrs Palin, he said. "Right now, the Clintons are just getting out of the way and letting Obama hurt himself with Sarah Palin,"
said Mr Morris, 59, now an author and Fox News commentator.

"You have to ask why Hillary was not in the forefront of the attacks on Palin. She's not about to damage her political capital with women by defending Obama for not picking her."

Both Clintons would campaign vigorously for Mr Obama in public, he predicted.

"But their hearts won't be in it and Bill will send signals to that effect in offhand comments he'll drop that won't be helpful."

By choosing Mrs Palin as his running mate, Mr McCain had burst the balloon of wild enthusiasm for Mr Obama.

"When you deal with charisma, it's kind of like love. You can only really be in love with one person at a time. And Palin pulled the spotlight off Obama."

Mrs Palin, he predicted, would appeal to the "single moms" who could be the key voting bloc in 2008, just as "soccer moms" were in 1996 and "security moms" in 2004. "About 27 per cent of the national vote is unmarried women and they're a core constituency of the Democratic party.

"Democrats have to carry them by four or five to one in order to win.

"The Republicans have made inroads among them with Palin's selection and with the Democrat attacks on her," he said, making Mrs Palin an "existential threat" to Mr Obama.

A 2012 general election between Mrs Palin and Mrs Clinton was a distinct possibility, he concluded.

"It could well be."

Dick Morris has been an expert at politics for many years : he knows what he speaks about...

So, let's hope he is right : Hillary vs. Sarah in 2012 ?
Well, what an exciting fight ! 

At that time, everyone will certainly have forgotten Obama...
And whatever happens, in November 2012 at last...
there will be a woman president !

Women have been expecting this moment for such a long time...

Victoria Woodhull, presidential candidate in 1872

And other countries have shown it is possible : why not America,
after Argentina and Cristina Kirchner ?

Why not America after Chile and Michele Bachelet ?

Why not America after India and Pratiba Patil ?

Why not America after Liberia and Elleen Johnson Sirleaf ?

Why not America after Ireland and Mary McAleese ?

Why not America after Finland and Tarja Halonen ?

Why not Hillary Clinton in the United States of America ?
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