Who's wasting money ?

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Republicans are accused of wasting money, aren't they ?

Why hasn't anybody asked how much Mister Obama's private trip to Hawaii cost, as he used his campaign plane to go there ?

Why do the media say nothing about the way the Obama campaign spends its money too ? Here are some astonishing figures nobody speaks about :

- According to the most recent Federal Election Commission filings, Barack Obama ended September with $133 million in cash on hand, after raising a record-shattering $153 million that month.

- Mr. Obama has raised $600 million since he started his campaign last year.

- In the last two months alone, Mr. Obama has raised just about what Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, his Democratic rival, or Senator John McCain, his Republican opponent, have raised in their entire campaigns

- Much of what the campaign spent went to media and travel.

He bought $65 million in advertising time in September, and spent $5 million to move himself and his employees around.

His payroll expenses that month came to $3 million. Other expenditures were for polling ($1.1 million), postage ($1.8 million) and print and on-line advertising ($3.3 million).


I have got a suggestion for the great investigative journalists who spend their time investigating on Sarah Palin : ask Obama where the 600 million dollars he raised (which will soon become one billion) have gone !

How much did the circus of the Democratic Convention cost : the Greek columns and the whole stage which looked like a temple ?

What are 150 000 dollars, compared to those incredible sums of the Obama campaign ?

How much do Barack and Michelle spend on their own clothes, and who pays for it ?

Is anybody checking Mister Obama and his wife’s expenditures, or are the media only interested in Mrs Palin’s dresses and make-up ?

As a conclusion,  an idea is coming to my mind...

If the federal government runs low on cash in these hard times of crisis, I would advise them to borrow some from Mister Obama. That would prevent him from wasting the millions of dollars he raised...


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