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A few days ago, a journalist of, Michael Malone did a public mea culpa,  and wrote that he was ashamed of being called a journalist.

He was referring to the shameful press coverage of this electoral campaign, and blaming himself for being partly responsible for it, as all his colleagues. Here are the terms he used to introduce his article :

"The traditional media is playing a very, very dangerous game.  With its readers, with the Constitution, and with its own fate.

The sheer bias in the print and television coverage of this election campaign is not just bewildering, but appalling.  And over the last few months I’ve found myself slowly moving from shaking my head at the obvious one-sided reporting, to actually shouting at the screen of my television and my laptop computer.

But worst of all, for the last couple weeks, I’ve begun — for the first time in my adult life — to be embarrassed to admit what I do for a living.  A few days ago, when asked by a new acquaintance what I did for a living, I replied that I was “a writer”, because I couldn’t bring myself to admit to a stranger that I’m a journalist."

(link to the whole article :  Editing Their Way to Oblivion: Journalism Sacrificed For Power and Pensions)


Today, it is becoming evident that not only was he right, but the reality goes even beyond a simple biased coverage.

It is clear that the media is protecting Mister Barack Obama. And the affair of the Los Angeles Times tape is a new evidence of this protection.

The Los Angeles Times has a video tape of a 2003 farewell party for Rashid Khalidi, a university professor who was a spokesman for the Palestine Liberation Organization and Yasser Arafat,  but the newspaper refuses to release it. 

They do not want to let us see Barack Obama, attending the event.

Why ?  Why? What don’t they want us to see?

It is said that guests at the party made critical comments about Israel.

A few minutes ago John McCain and Sarah Palin accused the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday of protecting Barack Obama by withholding this videotape of Obama.

And John Mccain even went further : he said that William Ayers was present too at this party !

So maybe...

The reason why the LA Times refuses to make the public see this video is that it is very embarassing for its pet candidate... And they are desperately trying to protect him !

Maybe Mister Obama was sitting next to Mister Ayers ?

Obama and his wife Michelle at a table with virulently anti-Isaraëli Professor Edward Said and his wife Mariam in a May 1998 Arab community event in Chicago

Maybe he reacted in an inappropriate manner when speakers accused Israel of terrorism during the party : maybe he applauded enthusiastically ?

So if I can count well this videotape is the third thing which we cannot see about Barack Obama, .

The first one is his birth certificate.

The second one is his college record.

It seems there are quite a lot of things to hide about this man who wants to become president of the first world superpower...

If he were to become president, can you imagine the kind of presidency it would be ?

Today, John McCain and Sarah Palin Palin cited the paper's position as evidence of media bias.

"If there was a tape of John McCain in a neo-Nazi outfit, I think the treatment of the issue would be slightly different," McCain said in an interview with Hispanic radio stations.

And Sarah Palin, at a rally in Ohio, stated :

"Among other things, Israel was described there as the perpetrator of terrorism rather than the victim. What we don't know is how Barack Obama responded to these slurs on a country that he professes to support."

Republican vice presidential candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin speaks at a rally in front of Ross County Courthouse Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008, in Chillicothe, Ohio

Palin said the L.ATimes should win a Pulitzer Prize for "kowtowing."

"It must be nice for a candidate to have major news organizations looking out for their best interests like that. Politicians would love to have a pet newspaper of their very own," she said.

Republican vice presidential candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin waves to her supporters at a rally in front of Ross County Courthouse Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008 in Chillicothe, Ohio

Oh, sorry, I have forgotten to tell you...

The LA Times has endorsed a candidate for president ...

And this candidate is...

Barack Obama !

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